Chiropractic Crossword Puzzle April 2010
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Chiropractic Crossword Puzzle April 2010

1   2                 3         4    
            5   6                    
9       10                            
                  11           12      
        13       14                    
17                       18            


ACROSS6. large joint of pelvis
7. attach to thoracic vertebrae
8. seven days without and adjustment makes one _ _ _ _!
9. neck bones
11. most important system of the human body
13. applied force to re-align spinal bones
16. a person skilled in healing arts
17. thinning of the bones
18. space between the spinal bones
19. mis-aligned spinal bone
20. the quality of being in good health
DOWN1. upper back bones
2. low back bones
3. individual spinal segement
4. the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit
5. first spinal bone
10. existing in a person from birth
12. radiating leg pain
14. curvature of the spine
15. second spinal bone


***To Print this puzzle highlight the entire puzzle with your cursor and then select File, then Print, then be sure to click on ‘selection’ in the print range box and only the puzzle will print.  If you don’t get the grid background, go to your above menu called TOOLS, choose  ‘internet options’ then choose the ‘advanced’ button.  Scroll down to Printing and choose the box that says ‘print background color and images’.  If you are still having trouble call our office and we will send you the puzzle. 


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